Q. If I buy a learning ticket on one device, can I still use it on other devices?

A. You can share learning ticket with the same OS (Android or iOS). When you log in to the store, you must log in to the same account that you previously purchased.

Q. I cannot move on to the next stage after Tutorial land although I've paid for Monthly Subscription.

A. You can challenge the new land only when you cleared all the former stages.


​​Q. I want to get refund for my purchase.

1) for Google Play Store Users
You can check the detailed refund policies here.

2) for Apple App Store Users
You can only get refund from Apple(Service Provider), not Monster School(Developer). You must be careful that too late request might be turned down. You can check the detailed refund polices here.

If there is a fatal error in Mathhmon! system, we will gladly help you as soon as possible. Request in 7 days at most before your purchase would be recommended.

Q. Can I reinstall the application to the new device?

 You can continuously use the Subscription just by re-logging into Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
However, in the case of changing OS(Android ↔ iOS), you cannot resotre your play history.
We wish for your understanding.


Q. Can I reinstall the application to the new device?

 How about closing all the other running programs(apps)?
If the same problem keeps happening, please contact us with detailed situation.